Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Anemic, hysteric, euphoric

Aren't we a beautiful animal? All it takes to make us happy and lightheaded is a nurse with a long spikey needle and a 3-gallon bucket, which is meant to be filled with your blood. Yup, it's routine blood test time, again. The full workup instantly deprives you of half a vampire's daily food intake - and all of a sudden... everything's GREAT!

I mean, yeah, alright: walking straight feels like riding a rollercoaster and typing this here text like playing Chopin's "Butterfly Study", yet it feels goooood ;). But in my current state, so would being hit by a car, slammed with a sledgehammer or spontaneously combusting.

I think I love her. I think, I am going to marry her. Her name: Temporary Anaemia. She and I make a good couple.

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