Monday, 3 November 2008

As good as it gets

A great many things have happened over the last two years. As always in life, they’ve kept the balance, somewhere between bliss and near-catastrophe.

And while circumstances change, I feel that something has solidified – petrified - in my psyche. I had hoped, years ago, that, as I gained more and more experience with life, this would entail some inner peace, calm and content developing at my very core. Unfortunately, I find that what’s solidified within me is a certain kind of cynicism. This is not the stability I had wished for.

Nevertheless - it’s stability. In working life, in the daily routine. I have come to settle. I would prefer to be more at peace with myself, have a hightened sense of life, take more satisfaction from it – but for the time being this is as good, as it gets.

This blog will see more of me.

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Martin said...

Good to see you back writing.